A2 rafting Kobarid

Rafting on Soča river

Do you wonder why rafting is so popular with us? Emerald green rapids of the Soca river conjure up an unforgettable good time and in a raft a whole group of people can have fun!

Rafting is still the most popular way of releasing adrenalin on the Soca river, simply because it's suitable for beginners.

You'll just need a swimming suit, towel, sports shoes and a pocketfull of good will. Then you set out for the starting point. While you are still on the river bank the guide explains the safety rules and you're already on the river. The first part is calmer and the guide shows you the basic paddling techniques. And afterwards... bravely down the rapids!

Useful information

Telephone number: 00386 41 641 899

E-mail: info@a2raft.eu

Address: Volaričeva 1

City: Kobarid

Country: Slovenija

Instructions on Google map: A2 rafting and Apartment-RA Kobarid