A2 rafting Kobarid


The gorge of the Susec stream is a big natural playground where waterfalls change into slides and small pools and are ideal for jumping from rocks and splashing about.

You'll just need a swimming suit, towel, sports shoes and a pocketfull of good will. Then you set out with our transport for the starting point in the Susec canyon near the village of Srpenica. For a warm-up you ascend towards the entrance point which takes you approximately 20 minutes.

The gorge, full of waterfalls and numerous pools, is like a natural playground where you jump and slide from waterfalls and splash around in pools.

Useful information

Telephone number: 00386 41 641 899

E-mail: info@a2raft.eu

Address: Volaričeva 1

City: Kobarid

Country: Slovenija

Instructions on Google map: A2 rafting and Apartment-RA Kobarid